Leadership Lessons We Can Learn from the Temptations

Many regard “My Girl” as a timeless Motown hit. Could your high-performing teams also learn from the Temptations with these timeless leadership tips?

the Old Soul Millennial

TemptationsPictured (left to right): Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin and David Ruffin — the founding members of the Temptations. (Source: rollingstone.com)

You know what sounds better than reading yet another boring white paper on leadership?

The Motown sound.

As it turns out, you don’t have to follow the professional crowd by shelling out mega bucks to listen to a critically acclaimed speaker in hopes of fortifying your arsenal of leadership skills. Take a few examples from one of the most wildly successful Motown acts of all: the Temptations.

The-Temptations-MCRFBSource: Motor City Radio Flashback

Over the course of the 1960s and 70s, the renowned Motown male group skyrocketed to fame, thanks to the brilliant business strategy of Berry Gordy Jr., lyrical mastery of Smokey Robinson and impeccable instrumentation of the Funk Brothers.

Though, even at the pinnacle of the record label’s success and the group’s own chart-topping numbers, the Temptations…

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